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  • Overview

    CYPRO is an internet enabled press management system. CYPRO electronically captures production, paper, ink and finished pallet information. CYPRO’s focus is on providing tools to reduce operating costs as part of a continuous improvement approach. These tools help printers substantially reduce costs associated with waste, press speed, downtime and paper consumption resulting in large productivity gains.

    Cypro is delivered using the Software as a Service distribution model. SaaS is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over the Internet. Thanks to the rapid development of these web-based services, savvy organisations are pushing aside traditional, cumbersome legacy applications in order to realise rapid, tangible business benefits.

  • Benefits

    • Instantaneously Track Jobs Performance and Material Utilization as it Occurs
    • Reduces Waste & Press Downtime
    • Increases Press Speeds and Efficiencies
    • Eliminates Manual Paperwork and Duplicate Efforts
    • Increases Transparency and Accuracy of Information
    • Improves Material Quality from Vendors (Paper Basis Weight Analysis, etc.)
    • Implements an Effective Preventative Maintenance Process

  • Features

    • Electronic Waste & Downtime Tracking System
    • Forecasting System which Compares Estimate to Actual in Real Time
    • View Press Information and Status From Anywhere in the World
    • Supports for Mobile Devices including Blackberry, IPhone, and Windows Mobile
    • Task Based Maintenance System Indicates when Service is Due
    • Finished Goods System with Customer Configured Pallet Label
    • Capture Ink Consumption Automatically
    • Works using a Browser allowing Entire Organization to Interact
    • Open Architecture Capable of Integrating with any System

  • Services and Support

    • Uptime and performance service level guarantees.
    • Flat-fee Pricing with no Hidden or Unexpected Charges.
    • Routine System Upgrades are Always Included.
    • Unlimited Access to 24 x 7 Customer Support.


Interested in learning how real time press management reduces your operating costs while increasing productivity?

To register for a demo of CYPRO click here.

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