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Onsite Rebuilding

Depending on your needs, Monroe Graphic Service can rebuild your print units on site from addressing the areas of the unit that cause deteriorating print quality to a full rebuild.

It’s time to consider rebuilding your print units when press speed is reduced in order to maintain print quality. Increased register movement and color variation is another indication that it is time to rebuild your press.

A worn press condition reduces profits by increasing waste and reducing efficiency by adding hours to complete the job. Most presses start to show wear after 50,000 hours of running.

Performing an audit will determine the extent of the parts and work required to restore the print unit.

The following print unit conditions reduce your competitive edge:

  • 1. Worn bearers change the surface speeds of the plate and blanket cylinders causing slur.
  • 2. Worn ink and water vibrator bushings and bearings result in changing form roller setting.
  • 3. Wear in the drive shafts and unit drives cause register movement.
  • 4. Your register control system is constantly chasing these movements.
  • 5. Worn plate and blanket cylinder bearings increase cylinder deflection.

We can get you press producing the quality it produced when it was new. Press speeds will increase and waste will go down.


Interested in learning how real time press management reduces your operating costs while increasing productivity?

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"Monroe Graphics can be trusted and relied on to purchase equipment from and perform any rebuild..."

Jim Knight, CEO
Century Graphics

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