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Press Control System Upgrades and PLC Development

Upgrading your press control system increases productivity and reduce waste.

In recent years the most significant changes found on new presses has been in the press control system. Upgrading your press control system delivers major benefits in reliability and waste reduction.

The control system meets ANSI B 65.1-05 Graphic Technology Printing Standards

SSD digital drive

Siemens S7-300 PLC control system.

All console press controls are consolidated into a touch screen press interface.

The touch screen interface controls the following:

  • 1. One button start for make-ready speed, wash up speed, and run speed
  • 2. Infeed and chill roll tension controls
  • 3. Individual unit water speed controls
  • 4. Adjustable water curve speed control
  • 5. Dryer control interface
  • 6. Individual print unit water controls
  • 7. Programmable unit function
  • 8. Programmable press auxiliaries controls.
  • 9. Remote support service.


Interested in learning how real time press management reduces your operating costs while increasing productivity?

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