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A remanufactured press is a cost saving investment alternative to purchasing a new press.

A remanufactured press increases the return on investment with the following benefits:

  • 1. A shorter delivery date
  • 2. Lower cost
  • 3. Reduced time to recoup initial investment

Our remanufacturing process restores used equipment to like new condition. We incorporate numerous enhancements found on newer presses to further improve performance and exceed original OEM specifications and features.

Determining what equipment and auxiliary equipment that best fits the type of work you can provide your clients can be challenging.

From concept to start up, Monroe Graphic Service works with you to determine what equipment best serves your needs.

Various methods of automation can be installed that increase productivity:

  • 1. Press control systems
  • 2. Tension controls
  • 3. Remote inking with CIP3 interface
  • 4. Register controls
  • 5. Cut-off controls

Each control helps to reduce the time it takes the pressmen to achieve an acceptable sheet. Monroe Graphic Service has experience with these automated controls and provides the information needed for selecting press automation that best suits your needs.

The equipment has to fit within the installation area of your building. Monroe Graphic Service works with you providing engineering services to determine an equipment arrangement that best works for you.

Once the equipment has been selected and an installation layout has been determined, the remanufacturing process begins.

The remanufactured equipment is:

  • 1. Transported to our location
  • 2. Completely disassembled
  • 3. Press components cleaned and inspected
  • 4. Components are brought back to original specification either repaired or replaced
  • 5. All equipment is cleaned, and painted the original manufacturers colors
  • 6. The equipment is reassembled and test run.

After successfully test running all equipment, the press is delivered to your location, unloaded installed and started up.


Interested in learning how real time press management reduces your operating costs while increasing productivity?

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