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Printing Press Appraisals

When considering the purchase of a used web press, understanding the value of that equipment as well as the actual performance the equipment will deliver is critical to making a purchase decision.

The purchase price of the used press may not be the total cost. A thorough appraisal of the equipment provides the printer with the condition of the press and related equipment and an estimate of any additional costs to bring the equipment to expectation.

As web offset press rebuilders Monroe Graphic Service has experienced technicians that understand the equipment and the auxiliary controls that are part of the complete used press.

If the press is running, the press inspection starts with a print test, followed by a complete inspection of the plate and blanket cylinders.

The cylinder inspection includes:

  • Cylinder body and gap condition
  • Cylinder run-out
  • Bearer wear
  • Cylinder lift

Although the print test may be successful, plate and blanket cylinders may be approaching the end of their useful life. When bearers and bearings wear beyond the manufacturer’s specifications, print quality starts to deteriorate.

Ink and water vibrator rollers are inspected for worn bearings. Ink vibrator bodies are inspected for wear and damage. Chrome rollers are inspected for damage rust and pitting of the chrome.

Ink fountain rollers and blades are inspected for damage.

All electrical systems such as the following are inspected for proper operation:

  • Web Guides
  • Cut-off controls
  • Register systems
  • Press drive
  • Operator controls

Outdated, nonfunctioning and non supported controls will be identified and a cost estimate to repair, replace or upgrade is provided.


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